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Friday Links: A Look Back At Brian Cook's Rockets Career


Because Tom raised the level of discourse at The Dream Shake yesterday with his post on Yao's heroic block, I figured I'd allow myself a day to discuss one of the great players in recent Rockets history: Brian Cook.

Though most people remember the Rafer Alston trade as a win for ridding the Rockets of Alston's corpse and netting us Kyle Lowry, it also brought hope and happiness to the masses in the form of Brian Cook. Cook was never the highest leaper, the best post player, or strongest defender, but he was downright amusing. For those of you who didn't follow the Rockets a few years ago, here's my brief scouting report on the man who became known as the Cookie Monster.


Excellent Towel Waver: In his season and a half with the Rockets, Cook played just 69 minutes, and appeared in just 24 games. For that reason, Cook had to find a way to contribute in other facets of the game. During timeouts, he'd always be the first to meet the tired players coming off the floor with a chest bump or analogous gesture, and when one of the real players hit a big shot, he'd be the first up in excitement.

Most of all, he had exceptional form on his towel waving. Often, players will just sort of flail their arms with no semblance of coordination in how they move their towels, but Cook's technique was a tight, consistent arc over his head that was so pleasing to the eye. You'd often see James White and Brent Barry attempting, and failing, to imitate him.

A Coach's Dream: You know that cliche about how shooters just have to keep shooting if their shot isn't falling? Yep, that's pretty much Brian Cook's career.

He's Not Rafer Alston: He was a part of a trade that sent Rafer Alston packing. Considering he has two legs and full use of his arms, I'd mark the trade down in the win category even before Kyle Lowry's inclusion in the deal.


Basketball Ability

Also, there's a YouTube mix for Cook, because the internet is awesome.

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