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Tuesday Links: What Is The Best Trade In Rockets History?

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As you saw last week with our cult classic posts, SB Nation's basketball sites are all doing weekly posts under the same theme. This week's theme is pretty simple once again: What is the best trade in Rockets history?

I have a few ideas of my own, but like we did last week, we're asking for your help in deciding which trade ranks at the top.

It's may be easier to remember the near-misses of the past few years than the big deals that characterized the 90's, but go back in your memory banks and give me an answer by tomorrow at noon, with the corresponding post to be up shortly thereafter.

And please don't write in the T-Will trade.

Jump for your links!

Rockets Stuff

Rockets Sign Carlos Delfino |
The Rockets press release for the Delfino signing.

Carlos Delfino Addresses the Media |
The man himself in his first appearance with the Houston media.

Morey Discusses Delfino |
Daryl Morey tries his best to act excited about signing Carlos Delfino.

Yao Ming Visits Kenya To film Anti-Poaching Documentary Aimed At Protecting African Elephants, Rhinos | Ball Don't Lie
I still think the video of him blocking the bullet was cooler.

Maybe Jeremy Lin's Departure Didn't Hurt MSG's Stock After All As It Hits All-Time High -
You know what this means? JEREMY LIN IS OVERRATED!

Around The League

Stan Van Gundy Says Orlando's Culture Changed Under CEO Martins -
Royce Young on Stan Van Gundy's latest comments about the Magic. I don't imagine SVG will have a job waiting for him in Orlando any time soon.

The NBA Will Partner With Ticketmaster To Create A New Ticket Sale And Resale Website | Ball Don't Lie
The Rockets have partnered with FlashSeats for the last few years on ticket resale, so it's unclear whether Rockets fans should expect many changes, but this could be a change for a number of other teams.

Investment In Serge Ibaka, NBA Title Chase Worth The Tax Cost For Thunder | The Point Forward
Zach Lowe on the many decisions the Thunder have in front of them to keep their core together.

High School Student Delivers Good John Wall Zing After Wall Wins 1-on-1 Game At Reebok Camp | Ball Don't Lie
Watch the video all the way through, because the commentary from the eyewitnesses is pretty darn funny

Rockets Video Of The Day

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