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Friday Links: Lin Calls Houston Rockets 'Young And Inexperienced'

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As I mentioned earlier this morning, the links dump will now be its own post. Without further ado, here are your links for the day!

Rockets Stuff

Why LaMarcus Aldridge Would Be Perfect In Houston | Red94
Michael Pina with a similar post to what I did yesterday with James Harden, only with a different conclusion. I have to say, LaMarcus Aldridge is ridiculously enticing as a potential centerpiece, but I don't think Portland is going to be inclined to trade him.

SLAM ONLINE | " Jeremy Lin Says Houston Rockets Will Be ‘Young and Inexperienced’
At the very least, Jeremy Lin is honest.

Around The League

After Cleaning House, Adelman Readies Wolves For A Run |
Steve Aschburner on the Wolves' prospects moving forward, and whether they can finally break through to the post-season.

What Does Boston See In Jeff Green? | The Point Forward
Zach Lowe on why Boston gave Jeff Green the $36 million contract, and how they can maximize his value.

Deep Inside The Lockout, And Singing - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Henry Abbott with a funny excerpt from "The Lockout: An NBA Musical."

Sacramento Kings Deny Report Of Possible Move To Virginia - ESPN
If the Maloof's screw the city of Sacramento and move the team, you at least have to hope that Seattle gets a team back.

ESPN Predictions

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Most Valuable Player - ESPN
This one was far too close. LeBron is the best player in the NBA, and it's a huge margin until Kevin Durant. Barring a serious case of voter fatigue or an injury to the usually-steady LeBron, I don't see a way that anyone else takes home the MVP trophy next year.

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Worst Newcomer - ESPN
After a season of winning breakout player of the year, ESPN predictably selects New York outcast Jeremy Lin as the 2012-13 worst newcomer and MICHAEL BEASLEY ONLY FINISHED 5TH.

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Best Newcomer - ESPN
Yep, #competitivebalance.