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Monday Links: Joe Johnson's Reaction To Being Traded

Happy Monday! For your viewing pleasure, we have a nice array of linkage.

Rockets Stuff

Jeremy Lin Vs. Yao Ming? 'No Comparison,' Lin Says - Scene Asia - WSJ
The always humble Jeremy Lin pays homage to China's biggest star with his latest soundbite with the Hong Kong media.

Jeremy Lin Says He Joined Houston Rockets To Prove Himself - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
The translation may not be Hemingway-esque, but the story is definitely worthwhile. It'll be great to see if Lin can prove himself in Rocket Red.

Fun Diversions

Karl Malone In A Tiny, Tiny Car | The Basketball Jones
Karl Malone's pain is, well, everyone's gain.

LeBron Wants To Star In 'Space Jam 2.' That Sound You Hear Is Movie Executives Falling Over Themselves
Matt Moore for PBT on a notable tweet from the weekend. It's too bad that Space Jam 2 already came out, starring Kevin Durant.

Around The League

Q&A With Nets Guard Joe Johnson | The Point Forward
Absolutely priceless interview with Joe Johnson. Joe on what he was doing when he found out he was traded:

Johnson: NBA 2K. And were you playing with the Hawks? Did you immediately reset and switch to the Nets?

Johnson: [Laughing] Me and my home boy, we just kind of sporadically pick teams - we kind of just close our eyes and pick one. But I did go right away and trade myself to the Nets, and I've been playing with them since.

NBA Saturday: Give The Kings To Seattle | HOOPSWORLD
For what it's worth, the Virginia Beach rumors were filled with nothing but hot air, and the likeliest scenario if the Kings leave is the Seattle arena plan. I would feel horrible for the city of Sacramento that has fought so hard for the Kings to stay if they did leave.

Dwelling On Yesterday | Hardwood Paroxysm
Danny Chau writes for HP on Michael Beasley. My take: Beasley is bad.

Bucks Address Man In Middle, But Backcourt Remains Thin |
For a while, I thought the Bucks and Rockets were in very similar situations. Then, the Bucks decided that Monta Ellis was the answer.

Rockets Video Of The Day

Yao Ming - Returns from Injury Lakers - A Legend (via streetkingofhtown)