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Wednesday Links: Could Jeremy Lin Improve His Shooting With the Houston Rockets?

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Enjoy Wednesday's Houston Rockets links below!

Rockets Stuff

Q&A With Donatas Motiejunas |
Great interview of D-Mo with Jason Friedman. Good to hear that Motiejunas is putting in the work this summer to get ready for a big season.

Jeremy Lin Better, More Confident: Shooting Coach - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
Jeremy Lin's shooting coach claims that Lin is a better shooter now than he was last year.

ESPN Previews

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Team Turnaround - ESPN
I like Brooklyn, but I'm struggling to see how the addition of Joe Johnson and a healthy Brook Lopez takes them from 22 wins to a conference contender as many have portrayed them.

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Team Turmoil - ESPN
What else is new? New York Knicks take top billing in ESPN's team turmoil.

Around The League

Video: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant Showcase Identical Moves -
A pretty spectacular video with MJ and Kobe making the same moves.

30 Seconds With Anthony Davis: Unique Twist to Hoops Trifecta -
Anthony Davis tells Joe Brescia of the NYT that he wants to be the Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year.

Which Spencer Hawes Will We Get? |

"I want (Hawes) to play the Pau Gasol role with Bynum," Collins said. "Both (Hawes and Gasol) like to play out on the perimeter because they can shoot the ball and are very good passers."

I'd love to discuss this assertion, but I'm too busy losing it after reading that quote.

Orlando Magic Will Sign Free-Agent Guard E'Twaun Moore - Orlando Sentinel
According to Josh Robbins, the Orlando Magic have agreed with Rockets waivee E'Twaun Moore on a two year deal. If only the Rockets had held onto him, perhaps he could've sealed the Dwight Howard deal!

How Will Kobe Bryant Mesh With The Lakers’ Revamped Roster? | The Point Forward
Zach Lowe on the changes Kobe needs to make to fit with the Lakers' new roster.

Quote Of The Day: Kendall Marshall And The 'female species' -
Every beat reporter in the country is going to be lining up to talk to Kendall Marshall next season.