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Thursday Links: What Has Patrick Patterson Been Up To This Summer?


Hope you enjoy the Houston Rockets and NBA news from yesterday, along with a few other fun inclusions.

Rockets Stuff

Q&A With Patrick Patterson |
Jason Friedman continues his interview series with a Q&A with Patrick Patterson. PPatt seems healthy and raring to go for his third season.

BallinEurope: Houston Can Wait: Real Madrid Reportedly Offer Sergio Llull Extension Through 2019-20
Not everything in this article is correct, but the gist of the report is what matters. Real Madrid is apparently offering a deal that would keep Sergio Llull out of Rocket red for the foreseeable future and potentially his entire career. That would be a bummer. More on this to come.

Ridiculous Things

Pretty Pictures: Life-Size Oil Paintings Of Shaq As A Laker, Superman — Valued At $100K — Can Be Yours For Just $3,995 | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
I already have one coming in the mail.

Mario Chalmers Says He's On The 'Front End' Of The Top 10 Point Guards -
Remember when Sam Dalembert said he was the NBA's best center when he was with the 76ers? Yep, me too.

Around The Association

Have A Look At Tiny, Pre-Unibrow Anthony Davis | The Basketball Jones
I'm pretty sure all of us played with a kid like this on middle school teams growing up. Only that most of them didn't grow another ten inches and become a complete defensive monster.

Dime Magazine Q&A: Kendall Marshall On Playing In Phoenix And Angry Birds

Dime: How long would you play Angry Birds before games?

KM: Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


NBA Offseason Power Rankings: The Big Market Tango -
Matt Moore becomes one of the first people who doesn't completely poo-poo on what the Rockets are doing this summer. Progress!

NBA PM: The NBA’s Toughest Division | HOOPSWORLD
Bill Ingram says the Southwest is no longer the NBA's toughest division. Is he right?

2012 NBA Summer Forecast -- Eastern Conference Champions - ESPN
I didn't know that ESPN was giving Bill Simmons four votes in their predictions.

Rockets Video Of The Day (Just An All-Around Awesome Video)

Donatas Motiejūnas highlights (via VilniausVilkas)