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NBA Rivalry Day: Pick The Rockets' Most Hated Rival

SB Nation's league-wide posts hit week five, where we choose a rivalry befitting our favorite team and try not to provoke an interstate war with Utah in the process.

Hi, everyone. The Dream Shake has officially hit somewhat of a lull (not a Llull, because that guy doesn't really need to be mentioned here anymore), so as you may have noticed, production is a bit slow. Never fear, however. We have a feeling that NBA basketball is the furthest thing from important in September, so once we make our way into Official Basketball Mode starting in October, we'll all be back for good, albeit in a radically different layout. The new digs will take some getting used to, I can assure you that, but once you latch onto the program and let it all sink it, I think you'll see it as a huge upgrade.

For now, we're clinging to life through these league-wide themed posts. Today is rivalry day, and to get things started, I've decided to leave you all in charge. Who is the Rockets' biggest rival? Could it be the Utah Jazz, or the two fellow terrors of the Texas Triangle (San Antonio and Dallas)? Or is it a different team (hint: It's probably not a different team.)

Vote before 3 pm today to decide Houston's most heated rival. We'll then dive into the details once we have a winner.

(Also: Check in with SB Nation's 3 on 3 tournament stream to see Houston most likely get obliterated by the Dirkas Mavericks. The writer roundtable addresses the Rockets today in our 7-10 matchup with with the Mavs. Enjoy.)