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The Dream Shake Gets A Facelift, And Here's What You Should Know About It

The Dream Shake gets a facelift, but there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it looks pretty cool. And in the meantime, here's an update on the site and its writers. Plus, a surprise lies at the end.

Hi folks, and welcome. It looks like you made it to this article, which means you've begun navigating the brand new The Dream Shake website. It's a tad different than before, you see.

If you were never aware that TDS has long been a member of SB Nation, it's because of you that the company has launched a re-design hoping to keep everything under one umbrella. And that's just fine, because while you may not totally love this yet (although we hope you do), give it some time. Let it sink in, and try to trust us. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in this thing, and after a while, I think you'll find that the old TDS resides in here somewhere, buried under lots and lots of red. Lots and lots of red.

In the meantime, I'm aware of a lack of content lately and I'll try to explain. Patrick was killing it with his link posts this offseason, but those won't be returning for the regular season. He got a really good opportunity to go abroad, and while he'll still be writing a few times per week, it won't be the daily content you saw before. I'm just sad that he won't have a reason to go track down Sergio Llull for interviews and journalismism stuff. Perhaps Maarty Leunen instead?

Dave and Lee have jobs they have to tend to. Real world jobs. Plus, Lee and his lovely wife are also raising a kid, something that is so far beyond my range of thought that... good lord, that's a long way off. You guys are insane.

Christian took his annual trip up to the Pacific Northwest, where there is apparently no Internet of any kind and Millard Fillmore is still president. He'll be back (actually, he's kind of already back) to his usual self in the coming weeks and months, I would presume.

BD is doing lawyer things in DC, so I have no idea why he can't write every day. You call that a job, BD? Lawyering up in the nation's capital? Preposterous. Ridiculous. You, sir, have no excuse for your actions.**

Mike Kerns is a Texans writer, first and foremost (and an accountant, second and almost as foremost), so we won't see too much of him until the Texans' Super Bowl parade finishes up. Jinx.

There is nothing to preview yet, so AK is off doing medical school things. But when the previews get rolling, oh baby, do they roll. (Miss you, AK).

I wish OAL would come back. We'll see what happens with that.

As for me, I've been busy working in the journalism world through the filter of Missouri's journalism school. I'm a sports reporter/anchor/producer at the local NBC station, KOMU-TV (if you're so inclined, you can view some of my work here), but I'm still a senior in college, which is strange, because I joined this blog as a senior in high school. Four years, man. That's a presidential term of basketball blogging.

I really haven't told anyone this, but I think with the new layout and the fresh face, I'd like to add another writer to the TDS staff. Someone really good. If you want to apply, email me at with writing samples, a resume, or anything you think can clearly show me that you can make this site better. I'm not sure when I'll decide, but if I see someone who I think is the right fit, we'll talk. If you don't make the cut, keep posting in the FanPosts and keep reading - there's nothing wrong with simply reading.

Cheers, folks, and welcome to The Dream Shake.