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The Dream Shake Is Hiring: Apply To Write For Us!

A new era in TDS history has begun, so to get things rolling, we'd like to add another writer. Read on to see how you can apply!

Bob Levey - Getty Images

As I mentioned earlier today, The Dream Shake would like to add another writer. When I first brought this up, I said you could email me with writing samples, a resume or anything you think you could bring to the table that could make this website better. And you can still do that: my email is

But here's another idea: If you want to apply, write a sample story in the FanPosts with the words "TDS Application:" before your headline, as in "TDS Application: Why Jeremy Lin Isn't The Player You Think He Is." Or something like that.

We'd like to add a committed Houston Rockets fan (or someone with distinct knowledge of the team who follows them regularly) who can write on a regular basis and can provide insight, attention to detail and possesses a unique, thoughtful voice. Some prior writing experience would be nice — and if you have any, please list it at the bottom of your post or in your email.

We could also use another daily links poster, although we have yet to really discuss that one. If you're interested, please email me with your ideas and we'll see if it's a good fit.

There's a lot to know about writing here — if you make the cut, you'll have your questions answered. We're excited about the possibilities and we hope another talented voice can join the staff soon.