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GQ: Knicks losing Lin ranks among worst sports decisions ever

Drew Magary ranks the worst decisions in sports history, and whaddayaknow, Jeremy Lin cracks the list before playing a single minute in a Houston Rockets uniform.

GQ has put together a list entitled "The XVIII Worst Decisions in Sports History," and wouldn't you know it, Jeremy Lin is on that list!

For the moment, I'm going to assume that XVIII translates to the number eighteen. If I am wrong in making such an assumption, please let me know so I can remove my asshat.

Anyway, GQ enlisted Drew Magary to take these terrible decision-makers to task, ironically a wise decision since nobody in the history of writing can lose his shit on ANY subject quite like Magary can. It's a good thing he's funny — otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate to tune him out before he tried to turn us all against Christmas presents, puppy dogs or Animal House.

Lin checks in at number eighteen on the list. Here's Magary's reasoning, shockingly sans caps lock:

The Knicks let Jeremy Lin walk

Any Knicks fans who say this was wise are just deluding themselves out of psychological necessity. They cannot face the truth-that owner James Dolan is a petty bastard who let a rising talent and marketing behemoth leave for nothing-because it would lead inexorably to self-immolation. To be a Knicks fan now, you must be able to maintain your reality-distortion field and believe that, at any moment, a purple unicorn will gallop into Madison Square Garden and gift the court with solid-gold robot versions of the 1972-73 Knicks.

I'm not quite sure I understand what I just read, but I'll go ahead and agree with it. I also motion for any said arguments in the future to perhaps discuss the basketball elements of Houston's aforementioned Linterception. Hopefully Lin's play will keep those thoughts in the forefront.

(Note: I wonder where Morey's decision to cut Lin compares to New York's. Hmm...)