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Somehow, the Rockets' marketing team came up with a new slogan

The Houston Rockets have a new slogan, and they luckily managed to leave Jeremy Lin's name out of it.

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With an absurdly young roster, a host of players at one single position and little veteran leadership, the Houston Rockets certainly face many challenges going forward, but perhaps no other group of Rockets face a bigger challenge this season than the marketing team.

Take away Jeremy Lin and look at this team. What is there to market? You can't market Royce White, Jeremy Lamb or any other rookies — not yet, at least. If they don't live up to the marketing, well, there goes any chance of Rockets fans trusting the organization again.

So kudos to the marketing folks for:

A) Coming up with anything at all, other than — in the spirit of Bill Lumberg — "Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh."

B) Leaving Lin's name out of the slogan. Would I have ignored the Rockets this year had the marketing team gone with "Linbrace the Linsanity?" Yes, yes I would have.

"A New Age." It's hardly remarkable, but it's the most optimistic, forgettable slogan they could have come up with. And forgettable is good. We don't want to remember this team for its failed attempt at a clever slogan.

Anyway, here's Jonathan Feigen:

With the training camp roster set - guard Courtney Fortson was released, with guards Kyle Fogg and Demetri McCamey added with non-guaranteed contracts - the Rockets' 20 players possess an average of two NBA seasons of experience.

That fact provided the Rockets with their marketing slogan for the season: "A new age." But while the marketing department might be embracing the changes in the roster, bringing rookies Royce White and Donatas Motiejunas to the logo-unveiling event Tuesday, Morey seemed willing to accept that the unpredictability that comes with a roster of prospects also offers the potential to work out eventually.

And yada yada yada. You could probably guess what Morey went on to say. Something about versatility, flexibility and aiming toward a championship. We've heard it a billion times. Hopefully, this new age we're in actually capitalizes on all that talk.