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The Dream Shake's Inaugural Houston Rockets G+ Hangout

The guys at TDS got together to talk about the trade market, Jeremy Lin, Leslie Alexander, and more in the first installment of the Dream Shake's weekly G+ hangout.

In our first Google Plus hangout, Hiren, Mike, Thomas, Brandon and I got together to talk about the Rockets. The results, as you might expect, were a lot of fun. We talked Kevin Love, DeMarcus Cousins, the trade market as a whole, Jeremy Lin, Les Alexander's relationship with Daryl Morey, and more in just thirty minutes.

Also, Brandon was in a Power Rangers shirt. Even if you hate the Houston Rockets and everything that they stand for, it's worth watching for that alone.

We hope you enjoy, but if there's any feedback you'd have for the show, just put it in the comment sections or email me at Specifically, is 30 minutes about the right length for the show? Do you have any suggestions for the format of the show? Any special segments you'd like us to run? We're going to be making this a regular thing, so we'd like to improve it in any way possible.