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Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game preview

Maybe the Rockets will win tonight for a change of pace.

We've dropped 6 in a row and I'm still at RGV???
We've dropped 6 in a row and I'm still at RGV???
Andy Lyons

Woe is us. The Houston Rockets have dropped six in a row. Plus tonight is yet another back-to-back (on the road of course).

The Rockets look to snap a funk that even George Clinton doesn't understand. The Wolves have lost five in a row and are playing without Kevin Love, who is desperately needed in Houston broke a bone in his hand.

At this point, we'll be trying pictures of whatever we can until this thing gets fixed. Opponents and cheerleaders aren't working, so why not Terrence Jones? Or more accurately, a college picture of Terrence Jones!

I haven't watched much of the Rockets during the losing streak. Basically, I've seen none of it since school is ramping up. However, I do plan to watch this game and that might be the difference-maker.

You know what's funny? I was never superstitious until I started writing for TDS. I used to be a respectable down-to-Earth kid from the suburbs. Now I'm constantly trying to figure out what I have or haven't done recently in order to help a team from a city that is about 600 miles away.

Ah, sports.

Predictions? Does the free-fall continue? Do the Rockets complete the climb fall back to .500? Sound off in the comments.