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Frustrated Rockets fall in seventh straight to Timberwolves

The Rockets lost yet again against the Timberwolves, falling in their seventh straight contest.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: Apologies for the brief recap, it's been a very busy week or so for me and our staff.

Anyway, on a night where the Rockets couldn't get anything going in the midst a stretch where they haven't been able to get anything going, the Rockets fell 92-79 to the Minnesota Timberwolves, their seventh straight loss. For the third straight game, James Harden was absolutely awful, going 5-18 from the field for his second straight sub-twenty point night.

However, he was not the only one. Greg Smith was the only regular to shoot above 50% from the field, and the team shot a season low 32.1% on the night. The starting front court played all of 35 minutes combined and scored just five points.

More disappointingly, a pair of 10-day contract players from the T-Wolves absolutely killed the Rockets. Mickael Gelabale and Chris Johnson were playing in their first games with the T-Wolves, and combined for 26 as the Timberwolves bench ran the Rockets off the floor.

In short, the Rockets' offense looked absolutely dreadful yet again and it's worth wondering whether they will break out of it in time to recover and make the playoffs. Obviously, the offense would look better if the Rockets were hitting any shots, but the personnel look frustrated and exhausted. Let's hope that they can just get to the All-Star Break and recover from there.