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Houston Rockets vs. Charlotte Bobcats game preview

The Rockets haven't won in forever. That is all.


For those who are upset that the game starts at 1pm, remember that we've got some overseas fans who might be able to watch live today. So that's awesome. And this is the last time I try the cheerleaders.

I firmly believe that if the Rockets don't win tonight and end January .500 or better, I just can't see the Rockets recovering and making the playoffs. The teams behind the Rockets aren't winning much either, but mentally it's going to kill the Rockets if they can't beat the Bobcats.

Yes, the schedule sucks and it'll get better when the Rockets get to play basketball at home again (allegedly home games exist, but I don't remember them). However, you have to win on the road and the Rockets haven't done it. Also, 23 back-to-backs for the Rockets and only 9 for the Mavs? What the heck schedule makers? You guys suck!

Finally, happy MLK day and holiday to those stateside. And those who want to celebrate MLK internationally too I guess.

Tip-off is at 1pm CST.

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