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Video: James Harden slams all over the Utah Jazz

The Rockets lead at the half behind strong all-around play, but one play sticks out of them all.

The Rockets are rolling over the Utah Jazz at the half, leading 57-39, but no other play was quite as electrifying as James Harden's unbelievable dunk with ten seconds to go in the second quarter. Coming off a big screen from Omer Asik, Harden traversed the Utah defense and then gave us perhaps his best dunk of the season, tomahawking all over the Jazz.

For now, it appears as though Harden is a quick learner in the Houston way of Jazz hatred. His 18 and Carlos Delfino's 14 have been huge for the Rockets as they have outhustled and outplayed the Jazz early. Omer Asik has managed a working man's 2 points and 12 rebounds at the half, and Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons, and Patrick Patterson have all pulled their weight early.

Let's hope they can keep things going in the second half and dunk some more on the Jazz defense.