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Site News: Google+ Hangout coming to The Dream Shake

We're rolling out a new multimedia show on Friday, and we want your help!

On Friday morning, we'll be posting the first in what will be a new series of Google+ hangouts on The Dream Shake. Essentially, we're going to be recording a video podcast with your favorite writers from the site (and maybe BD) answering questions from you.

However, without your participation, this show won't be as fun. If you have any questions you'd like us to tackle or any ideas as to how you'd like to see the show formatted, comment on this thread or email me at with the subject line "Dream Shake Hangouts".

Maybe you want to hear about what the Rockets' plan of attack at the power forward spot should be, or maybe you just want to know what makes Chandler Parsons' hair never move. Regardless, we want your questions, whatever they are.

Remember, this show will be coming on Friday, so we need those questions by tomorrow afternoon. Ideally, this hangout would become a live event, but we're going to do a test-run this way first.