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Rockets injury update: Omer Asik rejoins practice, but remains out for game action

The Rockets backup center/potential starting power forward has been held out of practice with a calf injury thus far in training camp, but Coach McHale gave some news about Asik's status at practice today.


After a summer filled with speculation about his potential fit with free agent signing Dwight Howard, the anticipation to see what role Omer Asik would have on the floor in the preseason was immense. Unfortunately, to this point, we haven't been able to see the big Turk in the first three Rockets games as he went down with a calf injury in the first week of training camp.

Today, Kevin McHale gave an update on Asik's injury, noting that Asik returned to practice in limited action today. He only was able to participate for a brief stretch, but the news that Asik is back nonetheless is encouraging.

However, Asik will not play in the preseason game tomorrow night. McHale noted at his interview today that Asik will likely rejoin the active roster next week, giving him a chance to play two or three games before the season opener of October 30th against Charlotte.

The Rockets take on the Magic tomorrow night followed by games against Dallas, San Antonio, and Memphis on Monday, Thursday, and Friday of next week, and the Rockets obviously hope they will get Asik back for at the very least two of those. With a lot to work out in terms of Asik's role on the team, his absence is certainly troubling, and McHale has to hope they can get his back as soon as possible.

It is worth noting, however, that the Rockets traded for James Harden three days before the start of the season last year and all he did was score 37 and 45 points in the first two games of the season, so perhaps I'm making too much out of Asik's absence. Still, I'd rather the Rockets see what Howard and Asik can do together sooner rather than later, so it's good to see Asik back on the practice floor.