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Houston Rockets Viewing Party (aka the F CSN Houston Gathering)

Don't have CSN Houston? Take heart, young man.

Really, CSN? Really?
Really, CSN? Really?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For well over a year now we've heard the whines and complaints about the CSN Houston situation and to think that they won't be louder now that Houston has fielded their best team in quite some time would be downright tomfoolery.

With that in mind, consider this; we actually want to meet you. We might even acknowledge you with our pinkies up while holding our favorite beer. Maybe. That's why a handful of Rockets fans and media members alike have been planning the first viewing party of the year.

What better way to kick it off than with the first road game of the season against the dreaded and hated Utah Jazz? That's right, we're going to usher in the dawn of a new age (see what I did there?) by watching Harden, Howard and the boys soothe our past playoff failure aggression on those poorly named youngsters in Salt Lake.

Of course, everyone is invited and so are your parents, best friends, mistresses and pets (actually, I'm pretty sure Coaches still has the no pets rule). So bring your passion and bad attitudes, forget about the idiot Texans for a night and come embrace a team in Houston that is actually run by grownups. The address and details are below.

Saturday, November 2nd @ 8pm

Coaches Sports Bar & Grill Jersey Village @ HWY 290 / Jones RD

17481 Northwest Freeway Houston, TX. 77040