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The Obligatory Omer Asik Trade Scenarios Post...AGAIN.

The most asked sports question in Houston...besides who plays QB next Sunday

Haaaayyyyy Gurrrrrrrrl!
Haaaayyyyy Gurrrrrrrrl!
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Before I get into these thoughts, I want to point out that Brandon already did a fantastic, and more professional, write-up on the most likely scenarios for a potential Omer Asik trade and if you haven't read that already, well here is another chance. Don't make me cut you.

What I want to talk about is names other than Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, a Michael Jordan clone or whatever other pipe dream scenario Rockets fans have. By now we all know about the possibilities of adding Ryan Anderson from New Orleans and, in many ways, it seems like a perfect fit. He's played with Dwight before, he rains three pointers and his salary is almost an identical match for Asik.

The problem to me with adding Anderson is that I think we already got cheaper versions of him on the roster. It's only preseason, but for the price difference, I'm fine with the drop off between him and Omri Casspi. I'm not ready to give Casspi the four spot officially, but I'm not seeing what others see in the reasons to upgrade with that much salary for a guy who is a little better.

Next, our buddy Rahat threw this tweet out this morning and it got me to thinking on the whole Jeff Green thing:

He is of course referencing Grantland's fantastic team previews that Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are conducting. After yesterday's silliness of Rose's Kevin Durant predcition becoming a national story, some may scoff at the thoughts of that duo, but they really are fantastic and I recommend you give their Rockets preview a listen now:

Anyways, back on the whole Asik for Jeff Green thing. Like Anderson, the salaries come shockingly close to matching. So it would need no third team to get involved. With Morey and McHale having connections to Boston, that might be more where the thought came from in Bill Simmons mind, especially since he is a Boston guy through and through, but it does make some sense.

The Celtics are looking to rebuild and they would love to add a starting center the quality of Asik in the middle. Personally, I'm not as sold on Green as others are and I might need a little convincing in the comments below, but I know teams like him. So I'm probably missing the boat on this one. I'm curious to see how he looks without Garnett and Pierce on the floor with him. But that argument loses all merit when you consider he'd be placed next to Dwight.

I don't recall who it was since it was on ESPN Insider, but someone suggested a possibility of Asik going to Miami in a big trade that saw Chris Bosh coming back to Houston in return. I still think that has zero possibility. Yes, I know Daryl liked him at one time, but he also liked Nene and Pau at one time. That doesn't mean he still does with this current roster. I see no way Daryl cripples the possibility for bigger future moves by deadlocking his roster with three max players.

In the end, my choice is to just keep Omer Asik and follow the 2009 Magic formula with Gortat. It's awfully tempting to have zero drop off in defense and rebounding if Dwight gets in foul trouble. I'm still not sold on playing them together and that's a hefty price to pay for a back up, but I'm not in favor of trading him just to trade him.

My prediction is that Morey is going to move Asik to a team for a future first round pick that he thinks can potentially be a lottery pick and filler to round out the salaries. Why would he do this? Think about it; Houston is thought to be ready to contend, so their first round picks are potentially going to be crap for the next few years. If Daryl really wants to build movable assets, which we know he has an affinity for, he'll want that high first round pick to entice a team for a player he thinks could put us over the top in the near future.

So there's my ramblings. I'm not ready to go to fairytale dreamland where he swings LMA for Asik and junk. This is why you can count me in for Team Keep Asik, but know that I trust Daryl Morey implicitly and whatever move he makes, I'm sure he has thought out. What would you like to see happen? I know this is a tired topic, but we got another week before the games start to count and this is still the number one discussion among fans. So don't be shy and sound off in the comments below and tell me how crazy I am for "not believing" Daryl can get Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio for Terrence Jones and Jeremy Lin.