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Rockets to cut Marcus Camby, leave door open to return

Injured center Marcus Camby will be cut on Monday, but he could be back later this year after recovering from foot surgery.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

All preseason long, we heard about Marcus Camby's injury saga. A torn plantar fascia hobbled the 39 year old center and forced him out of action, and now it appears as though Camby will be forced to undergo surgery to repair the injury, putting him out of action for the foreseeable future. That injury, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports, will cause the Rockets to cut Camby on Monday, bringing the roster down to 16 players.

Camby was brought in this summer to provide a veteran presence and insurance at the center spot, but if he is simply taking up a seat on the bench in a suit, he's not that helpful. By cutting him, the Rockets allow themselves to keep an extra player, at least for now, and continue to evaluate the roster while Camby rehabs.

The upside of this is that if Camby does return to full health (full being a relative term), the Rockets can re-sign him and cut an underperforming player on the roster. By cutting Camby now, the Rockets can see just how valuable Robert Covington, Ronnie Brewer, and Aaron Brooks are during the season, and make a more educated cut in the future. Additionally, the Rockets could bring Camby back in the event of an Omer Asik trade, giving some experience to a backup position that could be desperate for quality minutes.

Of course, it is almost as likely that Camby never plays another game for the Rockets, as a torn plantar fascia is a pretty tough injury to come back from, especially for a player that never had much mobility. If he's going to be hobbled in his return, his place should be either in a coaching role or in the front office.

With the Camby cut, the Rockets roster now stands at 16, and the team still needs to make one more cut. Reggie Williams would seem to be the logical choice, but we'll see when the Rockets make their final cuts tomorrow morning.