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Houston Rockets to start Patrick Beverley over Jeremy Lin on opening night

Chandler Parsons couldn't keep a secret, and we know now who the Rockets starters will be on Opening Night.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin McHale played it close to the vest on Tuesday when asked who his starters would be on Opening Night, but Chandler Parsons just couldn't keep it to himself. According to Parsons, the Rockets will be going with the same starting lineup they closed the preseason with, meaning that Patrick Beverley will start at point guard over Jeremy Lin on Opening Night against the Bobcats.

We talked about the battle for the point guard spot at length this morning, and the decision boils down to a matter of fit. Though both will play heavy minutes for the Rockets, Beverley simply fits better in the starting lineup because of his off-ball skills. Lin, meanwhile, will give the second unit an offensive anchor and a big weapon in the pick-and-roll.

None of these positions are set in stone, and the Rockets will undoubtedly change their lineup a good amount throughout the season, but with about 30 hours to go before the start of the Rockets season, you have their preliminary lineup.

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