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Rockets sleeved jersey for Christmas Day released

The Rockets play the Spurs on Christmas night. Here are the jerseys they'll be wearing.

Courtesy of Adidas

On Christmas night, the Rockets will travel to San Antonio to take on the Spurs on national television. As they announced before the season, they will be wearing sleeved jerseys, the latest trend in the NBA. The NBA and Adidas released the jerseys to the public yesterday, and let's just say that they are... um... interesting.

They are all red with the silver logo in the front and a number on the back and the sleeve. More importantly, they look like volleyball jerseys.

If you want to see them in action, the NBA released this commercial starring none other than Rockets shooting guard James Harden:

Personally, I think they look silly, but I'm not too concerned with what the Rockets wear on the floor. I'm more concerned with the fact that between now and Christmas, the Spurs are probably going to sign a random shooting guard off the street that will score 40 points against the Rockets on national television.