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Sneak Peek: Dwight Howard to appear on Sesame Street

Dwight Howard is going to appear on Sesame Street on Thursday morning. We got a special peek at what that segment will look like.

Courtesy of Mathew Jevotovsky

Dwight Howard will always be a kid at heart. He's silly, he loves candy, and seems to have a smile on his face at every turn. And on Thursday morning, kids across the country are going to get to see his fun side as he appears on PBS's classic Sesame Street, doing a segment to teach kids the meaning of the word "strategy."

We got some pictures and video of Dwight on the set, and are happy to share them with you today. You saw the one at the top of the page, and here's one of Dwight posing with Elmo:


And here is the whole segment, where Dwight discusses "strategy." Spoiler: he does not discuss the merits of the Hack-a-Dwight.

It's truly stuff like this that makes Dwight who he is. He's a kid at heart and he really does look like he's having fun with it.

Special thanks to Mathew Jevotovsky for the connection on the video and pictures.