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5 Worst Pieces of Rockets Team Store Merch

After spending 30 minutes in the Rockets team store here's the unofficial list of the five worst items in the store.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I spent a good thirty minutes in the Rockets team store this week and found a mix of cool items and "what the hell" items.

I think the NBA and Rockets do a quality job of producing merch. There's variety, it's unique and they embrace the players.

Here's some things I love: The 8-Bit Prints - Mustard yellow jerseys - 90's Throwbacks w/ current players

That being said.

Here's the five worst things in the Rockets team store at Toyota Center:

1. These Houston Rockets tiger socks, roar:


2. This Dwight Howard shirt with a double glitter outline:


Dear shirt, he wears two arm sleeves. Not one. Please get it right.

3. These koozies:


4. Rockets trailer hitch cover. Seems like an online purchase:


Can you bring this back in to the stadium on game day? "Oh, don't worry metal detecting security dude. I'm just bringing my Rockets trailer hitch cover to the game to show my support for the Rockets. I bought it at the team store."

5. The Omer Asik jersey:


Womp. Womp. They are not accepting trades for this jersey.

Honorable Mention. Misspelled Rockets license plate:


Plates in Texas are traditionally a six character combination. The state does release a limited number of seven letter plates annually. couldn't hook up the Rockets with one of the limited edition plates?

Bonus. Things you can still buy in the online store:


Shirts & jerseys for Samuel Dalembert, Trevor Ariza (!), Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin.

My personal favorite from the Rockets team store:


I can't wait to be a hipster wearing this in eight years.