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Aaron Brooks Thinks It's 2009 in Rockets Blowout of the Timberwolves

Houston survives a 26-turnover game to beat the Timberwolves 112-101

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Usually after a Rockets' win I would be really happy and excited, but this Saturday night is different. The college I attend had an awful loss to LSU which killed our season and the Rockets played an ugly game which under normal circumstances they wouldn't of won. Let's connect the dots for a minute and say that writing an in-depth recap isn't in the cards tonight (truthfully, there might not be a recap if it weren't for me (and my suitemate who edited this, props to him)). So let's get this started!

An apology is in order to BD34 and many other people:

When the Rockets announced that they brought back Aaron Brooks I was not a happy camper. I argued extensively with BD and other people on Twitter that Aaron Brooks was a below average 3rd string point guard and that he would make no meaningful impact on the season. Today he shut me up and proved BD and company right. He scored 26 points in 24 minutes on 14 shots (with 0 FTs). That's insane. I swore to my roommates the year was actually 2009 and that Nickelback was a good band(and no that's not the Jack Daniels or Everclear talking (okay maybe it is)). However, If it weren't for Aaron picking up the slack off the bench, we would've lost this game. The next game is against the Grizzlies, hopefully Aaron keeps this up against them and earns himself some minutes off the bench when Harden comes back.

It's possible to win games when the turnover differential is +14  and the opposing team shoots 21 more shots than you?

Apparently it is when you shoot 52% from the field and 55% from the 3 point line (after accounting for multiple late misses when the game is over). Brooks and Bev combined for 11 of 15 shooting from 3 while Dwight and Terrence Jones combined for 8 offensive rebounds and 23 rebounds in total. Nonetheless, the Rockets clearly outplayed the Wolves despite turning the ball over at an alarming rate.

An ode to Corey Brewer:

I love how this guy plays. So much. Can we steal him and make him a Rocket please? He had 22 points on 14 shots and collected 5 steals along the way. He's starting to look like more and more of a steal for the Timberwolves this year. Hopefully he keeps it up for my selfish reasons.

Recap the game in 10 words or less:

"Failed suicide." - BobbyTheGreat (I assume he's talking about D-Mo not playing all game, but he's not)

"I can't recall being this disappointed in a double digit win" - Barragan

"Aaron Brooks gives Mchale 26 reasons to give him PT" - GoingForTheCorner

"It's nice when the other team is on a B2B" - ThatGuyIsGood

"Vintage Brooks came back and helped win the game" - DoubleBogey

"Aaron Brooks" - @Arbre_Mojo

"Abstract Art.. Beauty in the eye of the beholder" -@LexThePex

"Rockets open team bakery with abundant turnovers, still beat Wolves" - Crustified_Dibs

"Read My Tweet #Night" - @Corve_Chris (If I'm ever struggling for a mention, I know I can trust on you to provide it!)

Tidbit from out friends over at CanisHoopus:

Although a few late misses left them at "merely" 55% from three, this was a once a year type shooting extravaganza. I mean once a year in the whole NBA--only 29 times since 1985 has a team taken 30+ threes and made 54% or better. Tonight makes 30.

OJ ATM out.