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Jeremy Lin out for rest of Houston Rockets game with knee injury

Jeremy Lin was injured early in the game against the Atlanta Hawks. An update on his status for the rest of the game.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Four minutes into tonight's contest against the Atlanta Hawks, point guard Jeremy Lin was injured by Paul Millsap and was forced to leave the game. According to the Houston Rockets, Lin will be out for the rest of the game with a knee contusion.

On the play, Millsap drove to the lane and as Lin reached in to try and steal the ball, it appeared as though Millsap's leg hit Lin's right leg in the knee area, and after Lin limped down the floor, the Rockets called timeout and substituted Francisco Garcia for Lin. He would go to the locker room where the Rockets said he would be reevaluated at halftime, and later his status was downgraded to out for the game.

With Lin out, Aaron Brooks and Patrick Beverley assume larger roles and have played well. Brooks has maintained his ridiculous shooting streak, hitting 2 out of 3 from three point distance, and Beverley continues to torment the athletic Atlanta Hawks guard. Hopefully, this is just a one game thing as the Rockets cannot afford to lose anymore guards right now, but if it is not, expect Brooks and Beverley to continue their heavy minutes with perhaps Ronnie Brewer getting into the rotation as well.

As we learn more about Lin's injury, we'll keep you updated.