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Video: Jeremy Lin suffers knee injury against Hawks

Paul Millsap bumped knees with Aaron Brooks during Wednesday night's game, and knocked Lin out for the rest of the contest.

Scott Halleran

Just four minutes into Wednesday night's game against the Hawks, Jeremy Lin suffered a knee injury, and was forced to miss the rest of the game. The Rockets haven't released any information on his status other than that it is a knee contusion, but he did not return to the bench for the rest of the night.

Here we have video of the injury, and you can see him clearly knocking his knee against Millsap's as Millsap drove to the rim.

Even with Aaron Brooks playing exceptionally well, the Rockets have to hope that this does not hold Lin out for any period of time as he is in the midst of a career season. With Harden out, Lin has assumed a lot of playmaking duties, and has thrived, continuing to improve his turnover, shooting, and assist numbers in his second full season with the Rockets.

The Rockets play the Nets on Friday night, so we'll likely know more on his status then. If he cannot go, Brooks and Patrick Beverley better be ready for some big minutes.