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Game #4: Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers

The Rockets are 3-0 but they have yet to take on a legitimate contender. The Clippers currently have the best offense in the league and are sure to make a deep run into the playoffs. Can the Rockets keep the ball moving enough on the offensive end to secure a win?

2013/14 NBA Preseason



November 4th, 2013
Staples Arena, L.A.
9:30 PM CST
CSN Houston, NBATV
Starting Lineups
Jeremy Lin PG Chris Paul
James Harden SG J.J. Redick
Chandler Parsons SF Jared Dudley
Omer Asik PF Blake Griffin
Dwight Howard C DeAndre Jordan
2013/14 Advanced Stats
94.7 (16th of 30) Pace 98.1 (6th of 30)
110.2 (6th of 30) ORtg 115.2 (1st of 30)
98.9 (7th of 30) DRtg 112.8 (30th of 30)

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Patrick Beverley: partially torn abdominal, out 1-2 weeks


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