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Video: James Harden plays "defense" against the Clippers

James Harden played some terrible defense on Monday night against the Clippers, and this video documented just how bad it was.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

In a game where one team scored 78 points before halftime, you can expect to see some bad defense. For the Rockets on Monday night, that bad defense came from many sources, but by far the worst offender was James Harden. Harden, tasked with guarding J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley throughout the night, often completely ignored them and left them wide open for shots.

The results were not pretty. Redick had a game-high 26 for the Clippers, and Los Angeles coasted to a 137-118 win over the Rockets. As you see in this video, a lot of those points could have been very easily avoided with a little more effort.

The Rockets take on the Blazers in Portland tonight, and you have to hope that Harden got a talking to overnight about his play. If I saw another game like this, I'm pretty sure I would end up throwing my remote through the TV screen.