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Patrick Beverley likely to return from abdominal injury against Blazers

Patrick Beverley sustained a torn abdominal muscle less than a week ago. He says he will play against the Blazers. Is that possible? Are the Rockets taking a risk if they put him in?

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

In the season opener last week, Patrick Beverley quickly was knocked out and sent to the locker room. Two days later, we learned his fate: He had torn an abdominal muscle and would be out for 10-14 days. However, just some five days later, Beverley says that he will suit up for the Rockets against the Portland Trail Blazers tonight.

Sam Amick was the first to report the information, and Jonathan Feigen later followed up with Beverley who said that he would go in an early return from the injury. This quick return obviously is a great sign for the Rockets, but if he is still limited by this injury, how valuable can he be?

Beverley is a quick and pesky guard who relies on his elite ability to move around the floor with unmatched quickness. Against the best point guards in the league, he constantly delivers on the defensive end. But if he doesn't have that trademark quickness, a lot of his value goes out the window. For that reason, I would hope that he is fully healthy, because an abdominal injury can seriously limit a player's mobility.

The Rockets tip-off in about an hour and a half, and I would expect to see Beverley come on in a reserve role, hopefully giving the Rockets some good minutes off the bench. Anymore than that might be a bit greedy.