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Introducing the Red Nation Radio Mailbag

Don't be shy. You know you wanna see what's inside...

Liftoff, bitches.
Liftoff, bitches.

Tired of listening to the same whining about the Texans daily on local sports radio? Interested to hear some unfiltered Houston Rockets talk? I'm gathering if you're here instead of Battle Red Blog, that's probably the case.

So I was spooning with BD34 the other day and we decided it was time to give this Rockets podcast thing a try. With Jason Friedman not doing his anymore since he's afraid the NBA will crush him with more silly fines and Dave doing the Clutchfans one only once or twice a month, there was somewhat of a demand.

With the recording of the debut episode of Red Nation Radio tonight, I thought it was as good a time as any to open up the floor in the form of a mailbag and take some questions or topics you, the readers (and potential listeners) would like to hear us discuss and/or debate. You can leave them in the comments below or hit us up on twitter.

Mike's twitter

BD's twitter

If you'd prefer to send something in private, hit up (no more dong pics, please. That's what twitter DMing is for)

As far as some more detail on the show, we're not what you'd call NSFW, but there will undoubtedly be some adult language/content on there. For those that remember Get The Red Out, it's going to be similar to that. So I'd advise against listening with the toddlers around or investing in a nice set of earphones. Think PG-13.

We do intend to have guests from time to time, depending of course on the number of listeners and interest. The show should be up on iTunes within a few days as there is an approval process. Until then, you'll be able to find each episode posted here on The Dream Shake.

We look forward to disappointing you with our shocking lack of knowledge and fart jokes and, of course, your questions.

Fire away.