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Red Nation Radio: Houston, We Have Liftoff

The debut episode of Red Nation Radio is ready for launch...

The first episode of Red Nation Radio is in the can and the fact that BD34 and I were able to get through that with only one or two insensitive remarks is quite the feat.

After discussing the reasoning behind becoming such big Rockets fans despite not being Houston natives, we talk about if Houston is ready to handle having a team with superstar players, what the Rockets are doing incorrectly with Dwight Howard as well as discussing "hero ball" and blaming 100% of the defensive struggles of this team all on James Harden's shoulders.

Of course we speculate on the latest Omer Asik rumors, what hiring Arm Tellem might and might not do for the negotiations and if Daryl Morey has spoiled us into overrating our own players. Finally, the topic of just what exactly the identity for this team might be when they finally do complete their chemistry is discussed in great length.

We finish by answering your mailbag questions and giving a brief prediction of the next week of Rockets games.

Until the podcast is approved by iTunes, you'll unfortunately be stuck listening to it only from the player below, but I'll add a link for iPhone and Android users. The iTunes problem should be corrected before the second episode.

Thanks for listening and please provide feedback. We're big boys, we can handle the criticism.

iPhone and Android users can listen by clicking this link: Red Nation Radio: Houston, We Have Liftoff