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Game #25: Houston Rockets vs. Sacramento Kings

The Houston Rockets are amidst arguably the roughest stretch of the 2013-14 season. The Kings are an easy team to write off as a guaranteed win but with the acquisition of Rudy Gay, a budding star in DeMarcus Cousins, and several promising young role players the Rockets could be in for a trying afternoon.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
2013/14 NBA Preseason



December 15th, 2013
Sleep Train Arena
5:00 PM CST
CSN Houston
Starting Lineups
Patrick Beverley PG Isaiah Thomas
James Harden SG Ben McLemore
Chandler Parsons SF Rudy Gay
Terrence Jones PF Derrick Williams
Dwight Howard C DeMarcus Cousins

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Jeremy Lin: out tonight, more info here

Terrence Jones: questionable tonight, flu like symptoms

Omer Asik: bruised right thigh, will be out 1-2 weeks

Greg Smith: sprained right knee, out indefinitely

Carl Landry: left hip surgery, out 3-4 months

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