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Omer Asik trade to Boston Celtics getting closer, reports say

More and more reports are surfacing that Omer Asik will head to the Boston Celtics.

Jared Wickerham

As the day turns to night, it seems more and more likely that Omer Asik is going to the Boston Celtics. First, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted about a deal being discussed, and now details continue to surface about the potential trade to the Celtics. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe is now reporting that the proposed Asik to Boston deal is close.

Here's what Washburn had to say:

Meanwhile, we are starting to get a bit of clarity as to how the deal will look and what the holdup is. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the deal is just a two-team trade as of now. Various media sources reported that the Cavaliers and the 76ers were involved in the trade talks, but it appears as though the Rockets and Celtics are simply discussing a simple two-team deal.

Meanwhile, the holdup appears to be draft pick related. The Celtics have three excess draft picks in the next five drafts, and though the Rockets would obviously want to push for a 2014 pick, preferably the Nets pick, Boston is understandably resistant to such a deal as that pick is extremely valuable in one of the best drafts in recent memory.

If the deal does go through as rumored, the Rockets would have to make a corresponding move as their roster sits at 15 right now and the proposed trade has them taking in two players while only sending out one. They could fix this by including Ronnie Brewer or Donatas Motiejunas in the trade, or by waiving a player before they make the deal.

The Celtics play in less than an hour, and whether they play Bass or Lee will say a lot about how far along this deal is. For now, stay tuned as this deal seems headed for conclusion sooner rather than later.