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Video: Highlights from Rockets blowout loss to Indiana Pacers

The Rockets traveled to Indiana last night, and the results weren't pretty. A look at the few highlights from that one.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After playing strong opponents fairly well all season, the Rockets had reason to be optimistic going into Friday night's game against the Pacers. What would happen next was not a pretty sight for Rockets fans. The Pacers made a ton of threes, dominated both sides of the ball, and with the Rockets unable to hit a single shot, Indiana rolled to a 33 point win on their home court.

Dwight Howard was excellent, but outside of his 19 and 12 in limited minutes and Chandler Parsons' 6-8 shooting night, the Rockets struggled. James Harden was held down by Paul George and the bench continued its precipitous slide to irrelevance.

Still, there were fun moments from the game. Check them out here, courtesy of CSN Houston!