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Patrick Beverley and Greg Smith suffer injuries against Pistons

In the first half against the Pistons, Patrick Beverley broke a bone in his hand. Greg Smith was also ruled out with a knee injury.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With James Harden, Jeremy Lin, and Omer Asik ruled out for tonight's game against the Pistons, the Rockets were already facing a difficult task with just 10 players healthy for play. After the first half, however, the Rockets were reduced to just 8 as Greg Smith and Patrick Beverley suffered injuries that knocked them out for the rest of the game and potentially into the future.

Smith's injury was a reinjury of his previous knee problem, but did not seem particularly major from the reaction of the Rockets. Beverley's, on the other hand, was much more troubling as he has apparently fractured a bone in his hand. The injury occured as both he and Garcia were in the air on defense, and he got caught up with Garcia. He immediately went to the locker room and later returned to the bench with a soft cast on his arm.

The Rockets should have expected this as this season has been a comedy of errors on the injury front. Expect to see Isaiah Canaan called up from the D-League this weekend as the Rockets hope that Jeremy Lin can get healthy in time for their next game.