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What Rockets gear did you get for Christmas?

Did your brother, uncle, sister, mom, or any other relative give you any Rockets gear for Christmas? Share what you got here!

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's a jolly day at The Dream Shake because the Rockets got the win over the Spurs last night, but everyone is also in a good mood because we're in the Christmas spirit. Yesterday was Christmas, which means that thousands of Rockets fans across the country got jerseys, shirts, jackets, hats, and other Rockets paraphernalia, and we want you to show us what you got.

To get things going, we'll start it off with one from the writers. Our esteemed blogfather, Lee (you know him as UofTOrange), got these Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenny Smith socks from his brother on Christmas day.


Seeing those socks makes a man a little bit jealous. Personally, I unwrapped three tickets to the Knicks game next week. What did you get? Did you get a Harden t-shirt? A Luther Head jersey? Maybe a Donatas Motiejunas basketball card? Let us know in the comments! Pictures are appreciated.