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Grizzles at Rockets - Boxing Day 2013

This is the gamethread for the Memphis Grizzlies visiting the Rockets.

It's Dave Joerger!  It's Jeryd Bayliss!  Wow!
It's Dave Joerger! It's Jeryd Bayliss! Wow!
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

So here is a gamethread. What sort of contest do you think we'll see? Will Memphis look better? Will the Rockets have a letdown off their big Christmas win? Why do the Rockets have such a brutal schedule to close the year?

Can you tell I'm just typing stuff to get to the word count for a gamethread? There is a word count. It. Is. One. Hundred. And. Fifty. Words. Possibly there is a better way to do this, I simply don't know it.

Well that's boring, let's talk about the Grizzlies. I think Pau Gasol is going back to Memphis to play with his brother after this season. What do you think? I wonder why Memphis refuses to have any guards who can shoot really well. They just signed Stephen Curry's brother, Seth Curry. Is he the best shooter on the team? What is it with Memphis and younger brothers?

And here we go...


Will Pau Gasol join the Grizzlies next year?

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