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Video Highlights: Big fourth quarter pushes Rockets past Pelicans

Dwight Howard and crew finally got going in the fourth quarter, and the Rockets snuck past the Pelicans on Saturday night.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For the second game in a row, the Rockets played an ugly contest but emerged unscathed with a victory on hand. On a night where the Rockets could not hit a thing from distance, the odds seemed against them as the Pelicans made a third quarter charge, and all of Dwight Howard's brilliance seemed like it might be all for naught. But with a charge in the fourth, the Rockets pushed back ahead and took down the Pelicans, 107-98.

Dwight Howard continued his amazing run of form, scoring 24 points and securing 18 rebounds, and Terrence Jones had 18 and 8 of his own (with no turnovers), and the rest of the Rockets contributed just enough to get the win over the Pelicans. Let's check out the highlights, courtesy of CSN Houston:

For a bonus, check out this video from the NBA with Clutch showing off his best trick shots!