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Thunder clobber the Rockets 117-86

The Oklahoma City Thunder blitzed the Rockets from the start of the game and never looked back on their way to a 117-86 victory over Houston. Kevin Durant dropped 33 points and 15 rebounds while Dwight Howard and James Harden scored single digit points.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

That was a good ol' beat down the Thunder handed the Rockets. Simple as that. Durant and the rest of the Thunder came out of the gates shooting lights out and the Rockets couldn't find the light switch on their end.

Here are three thoughts on the game plus a short bonus one:

  1. Slow start: The Thunder came out of the locker room looking to run Houston out of the building and they did just that. Houston didn't scored it's first points of the game until the five minute mark. At one point in the first quarter OKC led 22-5. If it wasn't for some Aaron Brooks magic in the quarter, the game would have been over. Truth be told, it was over.
  2. Harden/Howard MIA: James Harden registered 8 points and 3 assists, Dwight Howard notched 9 points and 9 rebounds. Both of Houston star players registered single digit points. That cannot happen against a team of OKC's caliber. The Rockets aren't good enought to beat teams like the Thunder without one of either Harden or Howard posting at least they're season averages.
  3. Rest needed: Not making excuses for the Rockets but I will cut them a little slack. This is their fourth game in five nights and eight over the past 12. In that span Houston went 5-3 with victories over the Spurs, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and Detroit. Not making excuses but looking at the schedule this looked like a loss from a mile away. Eerily enough, this loss had a big resemblance to last year's first playoff meeting.
  4. Live by the 3, die by the 3: Houston was 7-28 from behind the arc. When the Rockets are making shots from behind the arc, they are difficult to beat. When they struggle, it causes a domino effect. This game was evidence of that.
Normally, I post my player grades here but I want to hear from you Dreamers. How would you grade the player's performance in this abomination of a game.