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Jeremy Lin injury update: Rockets guard returns to practice court

Jeremy Lin shows his first signs of recovery as he returns to the practice court. An update on his expected return.

Scott Halleran

On November 27th, Jeremy Lin was knocked knees with Paul Millsap on a drive, falling to the ground with what appeared to be a knee bruise. Initially ruled out for just one game with that contusion, Lin would later be diagnosed with a grade one knee sprain one day later. As the Rockets have struggled in the last two games to generate any offense, Lin's absence has certainly been felt. Fortunately, Lin returned to the practice floor today, taking place in his first shooting session since going down with that injury.

With Lin on the bench in street clothes, the Rockets have been forced to rely on Patrick Beverley and Aaron Brooks a lot, and though both have performed admirably, Lin's consistent performances early in the season were setting an important tone. Now, as Beverley continues to excel defensively but struggle offensively, the Rockets could use a sparkplug to bring off the bench, especially given James Harden and Chandler Parsons' health woes.

Though Lin has returned to the court to shoot, he is still a while away from rejoining the team in games. Today, he noted that there is no specific update on his expected return, and so if we go off of the Rockets' initial evaluation of a two-week injury, he will likely still need another week before they can reevaluate him for potential game action.

After seeing the offense flounder last night, one can only hope that he gets back as soon as possible.