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Jeremy Lin slams all over the Sacramento Kings

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Jeremy Lin blocked a shot on one end and slammed the ball on the Kings on the other. Wow.

Slow. Unathletic. Weak. All of these words were used at one point to describe Jeremy Lin, mostly because of his race. He's not a perfect player, but calling him unathetic couldn't be further from the truth. Tonight, he showed it, slamming a poster dunk all over the Sacramento Kings.

On one end he swatted Aaron Brooks' shot, and then he went coast-to-coast and absolutely posterized Francisco Garcia. For a guy who isn't known as a huge dunker, it was an unexpected gem of a dunk.

Unfortunately, though the dunk was electrifying, the Rockets still trail the Kings 57-53 at the half. DeMarcus Cousins is 7-11 for 14 points, and Omer Asik is struggling to stay on the floor. Harden and Lin lead the Rockets with 15 and 10 points, respectively, and backup center Cole Aldrich is tied for the team lead with 5 rebounds in his second game in the rotation after displacing Greg Smith.