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Royce White interviewed by ABC 13's David Nuño

David Nuño gets some answers from Royce White, before he joins the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

The next chapter in the Royce White saga is taking shape, as White tweeted late last night, "Rio Grande Im here! They're going to get this work, and they're going to love it."

White recently sat with ABC 13's David Nuño to answer questions about his future as a Houston Rocket.

White continues to stand firm on his principles, and puts mental health as the number one issue after being asked if he regrets anything that has taken place between him and the Rockets

"No I don't regret it all, White said. Basketball is important to me, it's important to a lot of people, but mental health is one of the greatest social issues of our time. For me to sacrifice two and a half months for people to have a better chance at a healthy life, is a small price to pay."

White also answers questions about the infamous "co-worker" comment he made about Kevin McHale in a prior radio interview, and how reliable he can be for the Rockets in the clutch.

White started five games for the Rockets in the 2012 NBA Summer League games, averaging 8 points, 7 rebounds, and nearly 4 assists.

Here's the interview: