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NBA Trade Deadline 2013: What are your expectations for the Rockets?

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The NBA Trade Deadline is approaching and we ask for your input on what you think the Rockets will do.

Scott Halleran

The NBA Trade Deadline will come on Thursday at 3 PM EST, and there is tremendous speculation about what is going to happen. Many are convinced that the Hawks will trade Josh Smith, others believe he will stay, and others have discussed a potential Kevin Garnett deal with the Clippers. What is lacking, of course, is a major rumor about the Houston Rockets.

We've made our opinions pretty clear at the Dream Shake about what we expect to happen, but now we open up the conversation to you. Are the Rockets going to target Dwight Howard before the deadline, will Eric Gordon join up with James Harden and Jeremy Lin for some added scoring punch, or will Daryl Morey stand pat and sit on his assets until the summer to gear up for a run at superstar free agents?

Whatever happens, it will be a really exciting stretch and we'll be giving you plenty to read on the site in the coming days. But now, tell us what you believe will happen. Give us some imaginary trades, but be prepared for backlash if you don't defend them well!