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NBA Trade Deadline 2013: Thomas Robinson discusses trade, joining the Rockets

Thomas Robinson got a chance to discuss joining the Rockets, and he sounds excited to be here.


Mark Berman had a chance to talk to Thomas Robinson about joining the Rockets, and it certainly sounds like Robinson's excited to have a chance to become a premier player in Houston.

Here are the soundbites:

Robinson has certainly had his struggles in his rookie season, but it's worth noting that he has been jerked around in a dysfunctional Sacramento Kings "system" with no stable playing time and no clear idea where he stands. Now, he's going to have a shot at a starting spot and consistent time on the floor, and he'll be coached by one of the best in the business in Kevin McHale.

This isn't to say that Robinson will come into Houston and become a 13 and 10 guy off the bat, but he certainly has a shot to be an elite rebounder for a long time. This was not a move made for today, but rather to extract long term value out of a very promising player.

Robinson's excited to be a Rocket, the Rockets are clearly thrilled to have him, and the only people left scratching their heads are Sacramento fans. Although I imagine that Kings' fans wouldn't mind too much losing Robinson in the scheme of things if they were just allowed to keep their team. Because, FTM.