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Houston Rockets Trade Deadline Open Thread

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Come discuss trade rumors and ideas about the Rockets and the NBA in general on The Dream Shake.

Josh Smith is the biggest name rumored to be on the trading block.
Josh Smith is the biggest name rumored to be on the trading block.

This is the official TDS open thread for the trade deadline, which occurs at 3pm EST.

Are the Rockets done? Was the Thomas Robinson deal the end of the wheeling and dealing?

Crazy fact: the longest tenured Rocket is Chandler Parsons, who was drafted last season. Yeah, that's crazy. He's been a Rocket for 609 days.

Feel free to discuss rumors, thoughts, and actual trades. If you do "break" a trade (by being the first to post it in the comments), please make sure to link to the source. They deserve credit for their work and it allows others to join the discussion.

Should a trade involving the Rockets come up, I'll throw up a post and we can comment about it specifically there. This thread is mostly for rumors and trades by other teams. I'll be here for the majority of time leading up to the deadline, and other writers will pop in as well.

Will the Rockets trade for LeBron? Is Daryl Morey smarter than you (and me)? Will the Lin fanatics be out in full force saying that the Rockets already have their second superstar? The answers to these questions, coming up...right now.

No. Yes. Perpetually yes.

Make sure to check out The Dream Shake's Trade Hub as well to keep updated.