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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets unlikely to flip Thomas Robinson

The Rockets were rumored to be considering flipping Thomas Robinson last night, but it appears as though those reports were nothing more than speculation.


When the Rockets acquired Thomas Robinson from the Kings, there were quickly murmurs in cyberspace of a potential second deal to flip Robinson to another team. With the Rockets' purported interest in Josh Smith, most people jumped to speculation that Robinson could headline the deal, giving the Rockets a centerpiece to attract Atlanta.

This morning, there have been numerous reports that the Rockets could not trade Robinson before the deadline, and though they legally could under the CBA, it appears that it would be a logistical nightmare given the need to conduct physicals. Regardless, Jonathan Feigen reports that flipping Robinson was never the Rockets' intent.

Here's what Feigen had to say:

For now, it appears as though the Rockets are content to have Thomas Robinson around as the power forward of the future. Leaving Robinson out of trade discussions does not eliminate them completely from the Josh Smith sweepstakes, but it does make it much more difficult.