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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets reportedly out of Josh Smith sweepstakes

With under two hours to go, it appears as though the Rockets will not make a big move as they have reportedly fallen out of talks for Josh Smith.


Everybody in the NBA is counting down to the trade deadline now (as I write this, we have 105 minutes to go), and the Rockets aren't involved in much. The one deal they were reportedly pursuing, a move for Josh Smith, has apparently fallen through.

Here's what Sam Amick has to say:

The Rockets always seemed like they were on the outside looking in, so this news doesn't seem to be all that shocking. With the Hawks apparently asking for Parsons and Asik, it didn't seem like there was much of a deal to be had there.

A lot can change in the next hour or so, but it appears as though Morey has already made his move. Still, don't leave your computer just yet. With Smith's free agency looming, the Hawks might end up settling at the last minute and trying to pick up an asset at 4 PM and come running back to the Rockets. Stay tuned.