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Houston Rockets Post Trade Deadline G+ Hangout

The crew gets together to talk about the trade deadline in this week's G+ hangout.

Brandon Davis, Mike Kerns, Thomas Fenoglio and I all got together from places near and far from Houston in order to discuss all the news that transpired near the deadline. We talked Thomas Robinson and his impact on the Rockets' power forward rotation, the idiocy of Danny Ferry, and more. If you want to hear our (somewhat silly) discussion, take a gander at the video posted above.

With the trade deadline having passed, a lot is set with our Houston Rockets. Depending on who you ask, Chandler Parsons, Donatas Motiejunas, or Thomas Robinson could be your starting power forward. And your backup point guard? Patrick Beverley, though Sergio Llull could enter the mix and mess everything up. Do you want to solve the dilemma and decipher what exactly is going on with the Rockets' rotation? Tune in as Mike, Brandon, Thomas, and I sort through this whole mess. I guarantee you won't have any regrets.